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10 Years* Lease agreement
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Gotowy Apartamentowiec
pierwszego etapu PINEA Apartments
kompleksowość funkcjonalna resortu
Stawka Czynszu
wypłacana co miesiąc niezależnie od obłożenia
Przed Inflacja
coroczna waloryzacja stawki czynszu o wskaźnik GUS
Sprawdzony Operator
obecny na lokalnym rynku od ponad 15 lat
Pelna Obsluga
zarządcza i serwisowa

Calculate your profit

Lokal Nr B001

Building B
No. of rooms
Net price 717,101 PLN
Rate of return %9.91
*Your net income will increase every year according to CPI's inflation rate. Thanks to this, you will keep the real value of your income in the future!

365 days

year-round service offer

turnkey finish

areas from 26 to 55 m2

profit share from recreational spaces

experienced operator

Capital Investement

Invest and enjoy your freedom

The purchase of a condo-apartment at PINEA Resort means:

  • constant income: we pay the guaranteed rent every month
  • protection against inflation: we index the rent in line with the Central Statistical Office's inflation rate
  • capital investment: quality that guarantees increasing resale value of the property
  • freedom: full operator service for the apartment
Capital Investement

This offer cannot be overrated

PINEA Resort is a luxury resort located in the best possible location right at the seafront. The intimate, historic town has been enjoying increasing popularity for years, both among Polish and German tourist and the complete service offer meets their highest expectations.

Swimming pools, saunas, restaurants, SPA and physiotherapy offices rank PINEA high in the list of premium investment products.

Experienced operator

Experienced operator

We invite you to use the services of an experienced property manager. The ProEst brand has been taking care of commercial real estate since 2005, dealing with the full management of hotel facilities, intermediating in the sale of their offer and constantly cooperating with German tour operators.

Experienced operator

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