Your Own Apartment with a View of the Sea

Comfort Today, Security Tomorrow

PINEA provides not only the luxury of owning a year-round apartment on the seafront, it is also an excellent investment – a safe investment ensuring regular rental income.

The unique location combined with year-round services and the standard of the Hilton Hotel chain guarantees an increase in the long-term investment value.

Purchasing an apartment at PINEA also allows to obtain a full VAT refund and to deduct the cost of maintaining the apartment from income tax.

Find your Dream Apartment

The apartments presented in the table are just examples displayed in response to your query. Please contact our sales office to find out more about our entire offer.

Apartment number Surface area (m2) No. of rooms Floor Part of the building Apartment details
126 25.94 1 Floor 1 W View
225 25.94 1 Floor 2 W View
325 25.94 1 Floor 3 W View
425 25.94 1 Floor 4 W View
112 54.54 2 Floor 1 E View
114 54.54 2 Floor 1 E View
208 73.75 3 Floor 2 NW View
308 73.75 3 Floor 3 NW View
201 76.32 3 Floor 2 W View
401 76.32 3 Floor 4 W View

Turnkey Apartments

We invite you to view our wide range of apartments. Please contact our sales office for details about the offer and our catalogue of available apartments.

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The essence of coastal landscapes – natural materials, soft fabrics, toned-down colours inspired by the golden beige of sandy Baltic beaches, the blue sky, and grey wood washed up by the sea. 

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Interiors refined in every detail, noble stone finishes, intricate details, elegance, and toned-down, almost monochrome colours.

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Inspired by nearby Scandinavia – a space filled with light, warm wooden finishes, white, natural grey, beige, as well as delicate colour accents – on the fabrics and on the walls.

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An expressive interior full of character with a note of coastal extravagance for those who even at the seaside would like to feel the vibrance of New York’s SOHO.

The visualizations are for reference purposes only – you will receive a detailed catalogue at our sales office.


We value your peace and quiet.

We recommend using the services of a professional property manager in the field of rental management, maintenance of cleanliness and the technical condition of real estate, as well as concierge services. Details of the offer are available from our sellers.